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And here you stumble upon another random deviant*happy grin* Hallo! I'm a 15 year old guy who likes many many things like sleeping, cats, dogs, plants, rocks, frogs, food, animals, baby animals(not all tho), Undertale, Sans, and yeah, a whole lot more ʘ‿ʘ I really love drawing too so most of the time I just put the stuff that I like on the random doodles that I do, which are yeah, just random doodles. Just random doodles -___- I've decided to do this 400 thingy tho cos i found it cool and fun so that's what i'm working on now but I procrastinate too much so that's why I'm really far behind *sob sob sob*

I ramble too much online tho and I actually had to shorten this whole thing so that you guys won't get tired of scanning this lol^^;^^;^^;

And don't mind the amount of funs I've put in this thing - ahcan'thelpit(they're not that much actually but nevermind that!-U-) sooooo yup! I guess that wraps it up so have fun! there i go again *smirks at self lol* blame Marceline de Vampire Queen

I find coding fun too so here's de fabulous stuff I made with the little bits i know about html (╯◕_◕)╯



*rushrushrush*just gonna do the descriptions later T^T

poke -> :iconcupcakecharli: ^U^
*rushrushrush*just gonna do the descriptions later T^T

poke -> :iconravenclawseekergirl:^U^

man, I can't believe it's been more than a month already since I last went to DA ^^; *deep deep sigh* Anyways it's all still pretty cool though! I'm glad that going back here after many nights of work from school, I get to talk with my friends again and share art stuffs and jokes XD. I still have a lot of pending posts though but I'll do my best to catch up with those as soon as I can*sob* I've been thinking lately about the experiences I had on this site and how awesome it was the whole time T^T DeviantArt has really helped me grow in the 10 months where I drew stuff and met a lot of really cool people ^U^ I got to learn a lot of new things and even got inspired to draw digital art with my trusty ol' mouse *sob* (that's just me being impatient with waiting for my family to get rich enough to buy a tablet lol(≧ω≦) I also experienced drawing more than a hundred doodles within a year with the whim that I had back when I first got here^U^ I know it's not that much but it's still a personal best for me XD(lifetime achievement T^T) The 134 drawings that I've drawn out of the supposedly 400 helped me appreciate art more waaahhhhhhHHHHH Even though i didn't get to finish this thing, I'm happy to have tried it and yes, gaahhh ahmsobadwithwords T^T *sniffle* i just want to say that it was a really awesome experience :happycry:

School's been verrrryyy busy for me since it's my last year in junior high and we have to clear up loads of stuff before we get to the real deal T^T i haven't explained this before but since it's almost the end of the school year now, i guess it's good that i clear up myself firstXD It's actually kind of scary T^T I'm uhhhhh, planning to take the Arts & Design track since that's where i'm more inclined lol so that's why i guess should man up more sooner. i'm scared of growing up *sob* The times I had here on DA were really cool and I'll be keeping those in my head while waiting for the future lol. THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

rush rush rush T^T so sorry i wasn't able to post some stuff i planned to^^; i slipped this monday morning while walking home and the stuff behind one of my big toes got squashed yes there were lots of blood and the nail almost broke off whyahmIevensayingthis *facepalm* anyways it had to get medicated badly since it's almost like the bad stuff in reddit's 50/50 challenge so that's why i'm limping right now, falling behind stuff i badly need to do (like reviewing for our exams T^T). gonna do my best to upload sooner*sob* i need hugs *sniffle*
As I've said in my previous journal, i'll be posting the fanarts and well, here they are!! tada! okwerd. Sweating a little... *forget the last sentence* anyways i'll be posting from red to uhh, the end of the color spectrum this time sooo ye. ^U^ this is Xaltoxin:iconxaltoxin:, one of my bro buds here on DA XD i kind of wanted to try out more digital combined with traditional art since it's kind of cool (and faster since i use a mouse T^T). and uhhhh, i tried emulating watercolors with these stuff too but as you can see it's a total disaster T^T don't mind that T^T thanks again for everything!!!! :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:  by the way the one on the right is xaltoxin's oc (check him out here-> ''my name's blurryface and I care what you think'' by Xaltoxin

tabletMOUSE: Logitech B100 (don't mind this one ahmjustreallyhappyigetdachancetodrawdigitallyT^THappy cry (Tears of joy) 
Software: mostly Paint Tool SAI, a little bit of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

mouse userrrr!!!!!!!!! ^U^ Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee Coffee 



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MissMithiin Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2017  Professional Digital Artist
whar have u been
ThatFurryArtist Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, how've you been? I haven't seen you on in ages, just thought I'd pop in to ask if everything's okay ;u;
ravenclawseekergirl Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry that I missed congratulating you on your birthday. 
But late is better than never so "Happy Birthday to you!" 
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CupcakeCharli Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Onooo I'm a day late, but still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^^ Kitty Dance 
Thomas-Silvergale Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! Hope you can get back on again soon to enjoy this cake: Birthday cake  icon 
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